LSW Services

Client LSW Services
Sector Plumbing & Heating
Work Website Design
LSW Services are a plumbing firm, who's previous site was built on Squarespace with high yearly hosting costs. They need a platform to showcase their services and make it easy for customers to get in touch. Moving and re-designing the site from the ground up on Wordpress, it will save them hundreds per year.
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Squarespace is a great website builder for entry level sites but you pay a premium for the hosting costs; over £240 per year! A move to WordPress at just £99 makes clear sense.
The main priority of the LSW site is to allow customers to request any service with a free, no obligation quote. The website is designed using the brand colours of white, blue and orange, with an excellent range of imagery showcasing the previous work.
Every website we build is highly responsive to adapt to every device and this is no exception. Seamlessly transitioning between desktop, tablet and mobile, the site is clean and simple to navigate.
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Final Thoughts.
Final Thoughts
The website has taken a huge step up since leaving Squarespace, with more functionality and clearer call to acts. Not only is the site now performing better, it costs £200 per year less to maintain with our own £99 hosting package.