N. Coast Media

Client North Coast Media
Sector Photography
Work Branding & Website Design
James from North Coast Media has only ever existed within Facebook and Instagram, with a self-made business logo. With an expanding portfolio and client base, James felt it was time to take everything up a notch and begin showcasing himself in a more professional light, with a logo and website package.
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The task here was to provide North Coast Media with a professional platform to display the expanding photo and video footage. The business had grown and everything needed to grow with it.
We developed the logo around the obvious area for North Coast Media, their camera. Using just enough of the icon to be perfectly legible, it was paired with a bold san-serif font. The icon carries enough weight on it's own to be used in isolation across social media and for image watermarks.
There's no denying the obvious priority of photographer's website; showcase the imagery and videos in the best light. Upon arrival, you're immediately greeted with the most recent drone edit, housed within a white box that makes everything pop. Anywhere you navigate you're greeted with strong imagery and clever white-space. The site is a portfolio for James's work and now manages to show it off on a new level.
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Showcase the excellent and ever-growing portfolio of images/videos. Clearly present the services available including drone footage, photography and weddings.

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Final Thoughts.
Final Thoughts
The branding for North Coast Media is actually one of our favourite in recent times; perfectly encapsulating the brand. The website is a timeless and clean platform for James to display his stunning work.