With 380+ new websites appearing every minute, it’s more key than ever to stay ahead of your competition. Simply having a website nowadays isn’t enough as the competition is huge.

Whether you’re looking for a new web design and build or amending your current website design, then we can help. With services available in all aspects of the online design process including search engine optimisationbranding and copywriting you can rely on us to provide the whole package.

Hassle Free Web Design

Make your business stand out

Using a freelance web design agency allows for more flexibility in working hours and to step outside of the normal 9-5, with a more focussed approached to your individual needs. Having an excellent knowledge of the search engines and how a website needs to be set up puts our web design process a cut above the rest.

It’s not all just about website builds: did you know that we can work within your current web design to bring it up to date, add new features or simply manage it for you? All we need are your current login details! However, a new website from scratch can do wonders for your business. Our professional website templates will be customised to your exact needs. Why not view some of our website layout examples?

Our very simple website build process begins with an easy consultation form. It helps us understand all aspects of your idea/business and puts our designer in your shoes. Download, fill it in and return it to us at tyler@kodendigital.co.uk.

Responsive Web Design

Around 60% of all website traffic is now on a mobile device so it's more important than ever that your website design displays perfectly, no matter the device. This figure will only grow in 2020!

User Experience

59% of people want a beautifully designed website, but navigating a site is equally as important. A user needs to find what they need, and fast. Layout plays a key role in keeping the user engaged.

Website Hosting

Your new website needs a place to live online and we have hosting packages to get your site ready to launch! At just £99 per year, this will save you hundreds in comparison to online website builders.


A huge part of a new website process is to ensure that it's set up correctly from the off so that it can start performing on the search results. All our website builds come with basic SEO practices.

E-Commerce Platform

Selling online shouldn't be stressful. When we hand over our e-commerce websites, we offer a full training package and idiot-friendly user guide. Any questions? We're on hand to give you the answers.

Management Service

If you're not comfortable running a website or updating products then we offer monthly management services to take the stress out of running your new website.

Website Builder

Specialists in WordPress

Web Design Ideas

Why web design matters.

Our web design projects convey a message. That you’re serious about what you do and your website is proof of that. It’s remarkable how many people get it wrong. With a well-designed user experience (UX), you can start to see a huge increase in how many customers take the action that you want; whether that’s a purchase, an enquiry or a sign-up.

Our agency is able to handle everything you need for a successful website and online business. We can create your brand, build your website, type the words, shoot your images and get you on page one of Google. Why go anywhere else?

Highly experienced within WordPress, Squarespace and Shopify, we can help with your web design project regardless of the platform.

Web Design That Converts

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